How much time did you spend online last month?

Effective Measures have released their stats for South African online usage for May 2014, and I want to talk about them here briefly.

Let me start by saying that if I see almost any stats regarding online usage in South Africa I take them with a pinch of salt. I have no scientific data to back up my sceptism, but my gut tells me that the data is not accurate, even though I do think that the (inaccurate) data does (mostly) point to the right trends.

Effective mesaures released these figures, which I have rounded off:
Unique browsers in SA: 31 million
Page impressions: 975 million (South African sites)
Average visit duration: 7 minutes
Average page duration: 1.5 minutes

This data is based on the usage of about 110,000 desktop users and is based on IAB member sites (not sure what exactly that means in terms of overall usage).

Anyway, if you plug the above numbers into a spreadsheet and try to figure out how much time an average user spent online in May 2014 on South African sites, it works out to about 47 minutes. In the whole of May!! I have spent more time typing this blog post.

Also, the numbers show that the average user only visits ONE South African page per day.

I don’t know what that means, unfortunately. Is the data flawed? Do the majority of online users spend about two minutes a day online on local sites?

Does anyone with real mathematical (or other) insight want to share their theories? Any ideas?

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